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Industrial Image Processing – Applications

PSI Technics offers industry- and application-specific solutions based on digital image processing systems that are designed for the continuous monitoring and quality control of production processes. Digital image processing systems and camera technology increase quality and productivity.

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Using advanced image processing during regular production offers the following key benefits:

  1. It addresses the shortage of skilled labor
    Automation improves the consistency and quality of inspection tasks and optimize workflows.
  2. Early detection of faults and defects
    Ensures high-quality production processes and avoids production downtimes. The system saves images of defective products that are automatically identified and removed from production.
  3. Identification of quality issues
    Quality issues are revealed to help avoid rejects.
  4. Data collection and processing
    Inspection processes are analyzed based on the captured data and the results can be used for proactive maintenance.
  5. Considerably faster quality assurance
    Reduced costs for manual and/or visual tests and inspections. Automated quality assurance with a reliability of 99.98% improves both productivity and product quality.
  6. The result: Increased customer satisfaction and significantly reduced costs.



When you decide to automate the inspection tasks in your facility, we take your entire production into account, since both upstream and downstream processes need to be considered to ensure an end-to-end optimization of your production cycle.

As a long-term partner our experts offer training and continuous support for your maintenance team. We ensure that our technology is always up-to-date and perform regular updates. This is how we keep our promise of continuously optimizing our customers' processes.

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VIDEO: Industrial Image Processing/ Vision Technology

Digital camera systems improve the quality, productivity and safety of your production environment.

Automated inspections and intelligent image analyses drastically reduce production costs and optimize quality control processes. The systems are suitable for all industries. For instance, they are used in the automotive industry (read more about our Inline Control System that is used for trolley wheel inspection at Volkswagen), in the railroad industry for the maintenance for trains (automated train inspection) and in the food production industry.

VIDEO: The automated train inspection optimizes the maintenance workflow of railway vehicles. Roof, side and underbody inspections can be carried out on a regular basis and in significantly less time.

PSI Technics' modern camera technology significantly reduces train maintenance intervals and maintenance costs for trains.

Our engineers developed a camera-based inspection system to enable an automated, condition-based maintenance for trains. The system records roof, side and undebody damages of any train that passes the system, for example, when it enters a depot or drives through a dedicated "inspection tunnel". The recorded data is sent directly to the Inspect software.

Automobilindustrie, Automobil, Produktion, Automotive, Kettengehänge, Kettenstraße, Produktionsstraße, defekte Gehänge erkennen
VIDEO: Automated chain inspection at a production line

Considerably reduce costs by using cutting-edge camera solutions

As an experienced system integrator, PSI Technics retrofits and replaces manual measuring and inspection systems with cutting-edge image processing technology. Powerful 2D and 3D cameras, for example, identify defective products during the early manufacturing stages – considerably cutting costs and increasing the safety of automated production processes as compared to manual inspections.

Our application experts are standing by to answer your calls or written requests. Please call +49 (0) 2630 91590-0 or use the contact form to submit your queries or send an e-mail to support@psi-technics.com

Click here to download our application reports

Different camera systems monitor a variety of parameters and criteriaDifferent camera systems monitor a variety of parameters and criteria.

PSI Technics offers digital image processing solutions with customizable inspection parameters/criteria that are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications:




Length, width, height, surface area, volume or size. Object count.
Our digital imaging solutions provide reliable results – even at fast cycle speeds or when dealing with complex geometries. Perfect image quality and intelligent algorithms guarantee dimensional accuracy and tolerance compliance of objects that are inspected during regular production.


Physical presence, completeness and the position (x/y, x/y/z) of objects.
Our image processing solutions ensure that all components, inspected objects and product features are exactly as they should be. Our fully automated camera technology offers maximum quality control and repeatability for your production processes.


Installation/assembly inspection. Form and surface inspection.
Thanks to automated quality control, damaged and defective products are detected early on and removed from production. Templates can be created to add new quality standards and maintain a consistently high product quality – for increased profitability and customer satisfaction.


Text, characters, plain text, icons, codes and patterns.
Image processing solutions from PSI Technics read and identify component codes or labels, even at very high cycle rates. 1D or 2D images of icons, codes, pattern and text can be captured irrespective of their size or quality.


Rule out risks right from the start. A feasibility study provides you with a detailed implementation plan that is tailored to your needs.

Our Services

We assist you every step of the way – from concept to completion. We work in close cooperation with our customers to provide the right solution for their production environments. The benefits of industrial image processing include improved product quality and reliable production monitoring. The choice is yours – we assist you every step of the way to achieve the desired results.

Levels 1 and 2 below can be combined in a single package.

Level 1: Feasibility Study

Level 2: Schematics and Functional Model

Level 3: Functional Specifications

Level 4: System Development

Level 5: Commissioning, Maintenance and Training

Level 1: Feasibility Study

PSI Technics engineers conduct a feasibility study that answers questions such as:

Objective: General feasibility assessment that includes the scope of work, expenses, required hardware, achievable reliability and precision.

Duration: 1 week turnaround

Your Advantage: Clarification of requirements, assessment of potential obstacles or problems. PSI Technics creates a report that evaluates the inspection task from an image processing perspective. It is an entry level service that is designed to optimize implementation time and costs at a later stage.


Level 2: Schematics and Functional Model

PSI Technics develops initial schematics for the implementation, creates an image processing software prototype and a corresponding test setup, where required, to provide you with an overview of the required technology and to illustrate a practical solution. A functional model of the application will be created that can include existing workpieces and imaging material, if available. These elements are vital for defining coherent specification catalogs for Level 3.

Duration: Approximately 1 month

Deliverables: Application-related schematics and a functional model will be created that illustrate the operating principle and the process based on the required inspection task. This includes a report with pictures, image processing results, a brief description and initial sketches regarding potential system operation and system design.


Level 3: Functional Specifications

We ensure that all relevant aspects are included and assist you in creating coherent specification catalogs as well as the accompanying documentation. Clear communication and the coordination of requirements are, after all, vital for a successful outcome. This service level includes:


Level 4: System Development

During the development stage, a dedicated PSI Technics contact will inform you about the development progress of the system and our engineers will answer any technical or progress-related questions that you might have during the course of the project.


Level 5: Commissioning, Maintenance and Training

PSI Technics commissions and maintains your image processing system to ensure a consistent and reliable production. Any modifications, for example, changes required for the use of new workpiece types, will be carried out in a timely and straightforward manner.


Our application experts are standing by to answer your calls or written requests.
Please call +49 (0) 2630 91590-0 or use the contact form to submit your queries or send an e-mail to support@psi-technics.com

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Industrial Image Processing / Industrial Vision

Designed for the continuous monitoring and visual quality control of production processes.

PSI Technics offers easy-to-use, application-specific digital image processing solutions that are designed for the continuous monitoring and quality control of production processes. Nearly all monitoring and measuring tasks can be automated by means of industrial image processing. Watch movie

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