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Digital Assistance Systems

We leverage digital controls, artificial intelligence, digital image processing and knowledge databases to solve complex process requirements and help you prepare your workforce for the future.

EMPOWER your people.
PRESERVE your knowledge.
DIGITALIZE your process.
AMPLIFY your possibilities.

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The effects of demographic change are felt in many areas, for example, with regard to nursing and health care in the private sector, the lack of honorary staff in the public sector and, most importantly, in the industrial sector. The consequences are manifold. Finding new talents becomes increasingly difficult. People spend less time in their jobs and – due to an ageing workforce – work experience and expertise are irrevocably lost when subject-matter experts retire from a company.

A well-conceived digitalization strategy, however, can significantly reduce the corresponding impact. Smart digital assistance systems help you support your workforce – even staff members with little or no experience. Digital assistance systems allow you to digitalize the existing knowledge in your company in a sustainable way.

A value-adding assistance system is rarely an out-of-the-box solution. When developing such a system it pays off to consider your individual processes and your current business situation to ensure your investment generates maximum added value. The integration possibilities are as diverse as the businesses that use them.

Below are two sample applications for digital assistance systems:

1. Using Digital Assistance Systems for Quality Control in Versatile Production Lines

An automated in-line quality control system allows you to increase the quality of your products while cutting costs for manual inspections. When you manufacture a wide range of products or product types, the costs of implementing quality control measures detract from the system’s benefits and the configuration and adjustment of quality control parameters requires additional personnel.

If desired, our image processing systems come with an assistance feature that provides optimum support for configuring quality control parameters for new products. This includes the automated identification of parameters and an intuitive user interface that guides users through the process workflow and enables them to work with new quality control parameters in less than 5 minutes!

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2. Using Digital Assistance Systems for Intelligent Knowledge Management

In workshops or meetings with customers we often hear that the day-to-day decisions of subject-matter experts significantly contribute to a company’s success. These decisions are based on a wide variety of data and often include a healthy dose of intuition or “gut feeling”. But can this “gut feeling” be digitalized to preserve valuable company knowledge?

Data pools can be used to augment existing information with new data, and artificial intelligence and data mining methods can be leveraged to identify decision patterns that may not be obvious at first glance. It provides an opportunity to digitally preserve implicit company knowledge and make it accessible company-wide in the long term. This in turn reduces training times for new hires and ensures consistent and repeatable decisions. When a digital assistance system receives direct feedback from employees, it continues to learn and adapt to new situations.

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mupudia – The Perfect Digital Assistance System for Your Industrial Workforce

With mupudia PSI Technics offers you a digital assistant system that guides your workforce through your workflows. mupudia is a multi-purpose digital assistant that is well-suited for a wide range of industrial processes.

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Below are a few examples:


Intelligently simplify and digitalize your processes with mupudia:

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Our digital assistant mupudia guides your workforce step by step through assembly workflows, production quality checks, repair and maintenance processes or the commissioning of systems and machinery.




1. Reduced Employee Workload
mupudia guides your employees through your processes and allows them to focus on every single step. Your processes become more resilient and less prone to human errors.

2. Faster training of new hires
mupudia enables you to train new employees faster and more efficiently in significantly less time. This frees up experienced staff members who can focus on creating added value in the process chain.

3. Integration of skilled professionals
The app automatically translates content into more than 70 languages. This eliminates language barriers and promotes an efficient collaboration in multilingual teams.

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Your Ticket to the World of Digital Assistance Systems

Digital assistance systems can be used in processes of any kind. We offer a non-binding consultation to discuss the specific advantages and the added value that mupudia has to offer your business. You benefit from our extensive, cross-sector expertise in industrial process optimization and artificial intelligence, from the development of intuitive user interfaces and an agile and efficient project management.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a non-binding consultation.

Our application experts are standing by to answer your calls or written requests. Please call +49 (0) 2630 91590-0, use the contact form to submit your queries or send an e-mail to support@psi-technics.com


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