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PSI Technics, with headquarters in Urmitz, Germany, was founded by Karl-Heinz Förderer in 2005. PSI Technics specializes in developing and distributing innovative solutions for a wide range of applications in trade and industry.

The company focuses on industrial positioning systems, industrial image processing as well as protection enclosures for sensitive sensors. In addition, PSI Technics offers custom temperature and humidity monitoring and analyses using miniature data loggers.


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Karl-Heinz Förderer, Geschäftsführer PSI Technics

Karl-Heinz Förderer is PSI Technics' founder and managing director. He oversees all aspects of the company, from corporate development to sales and support. Moreover, he is the competent point of contact for all factory automation customers.

Karl-Heinz Förderer worked several years for Trimble GmbH in Germany, a subsidiary of the US-based parent company. During his time at Trimble, he acquired extensive expertise and experience in the industrial positioning systems market. Customers in a wide range of industries benefit from Karl-Heinz Förderer's expertise, which he dedicates to new developments and advancements to create intelligent, efficient industrial positioning systems like ARATEC that increase quality and productivity.

His passion for innovative, future-oriented and custom solutions is the driving force behind new developments and continuously improved solutions that are not limited to industrial positioning systems but extend to a broad range of industrial sectors. 

Research and Development


When it comes to research and development, PSI Technics has proven to be a competent and reliable partner to a variety of companies and organizations. Aside from developing innovative solutions for its expanding product and service portfolio, for example, thermoelectric generators, PSI Technics offers research and development services for clients from a wide range of industries. Working with a large number of committed and qualified developers, engineers and application experts, and partnering with the University of Applied Science at Koblenz, PSI Technics benefits from working with a pool of specialists from diverse disciplines. Our development efforts focus on electrical engineering, conveyor and positioning systems, image processing, energy efficiency, and energy management.

Due to our extensive expertise we are well equipped for taking on projects in a variety of fields. We invite you to put us to the test! When you need additional resources or external support in the fields of research and development, we encourage you to leverage our skills, experience and expertise.


The Company PSI Technics, Headquarters Germany
The Company PSI Technics, Headquarters Germany
The Company PSI Technics, Headquarters Germany
The Company PSI Technics, Headquarters Germany
The Company PSI Technics, Headquarters Germany
The Company PSI Technics, Headquarters Germany
The Company PSI Technics, Headquarters Germany
The Company PSI Technics, Headquarters Germany
The Company PSI Technics, Headquarters Germany
The Company PSI Technics, Headquarters Germany

ARATEC® TPCC® - Registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office


Awards and memberships:

VDMA, ZIM, Innovationspreis der deutschen Wirtschaft, Initiative Mittelstand, ISB Success


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Automate. Optimize. Increase Quality. Save Energy.

PSI Technics is known for its expertise in industrial image processing and automation technology. Take advantage of our extensive analysis and optimization know-how for automated warehouse and production processes to increase the life-span of your facility.
We assist you every step of the way to help you find an optimization solution that is right for you or develop custom industry and application-specific applications based on digital imaging processing systems to increase the quality and productivity of your products and processes.


Learn more at www.logimat-messe.de/en

Industrial Image Processing / Industrial Vision ...

...designed for the continuous monitoring and visual quality control of production processes.
PSI Technics offers easy-to-use, application-specific digital image processing solutions that are designed for the continuous monitoring and quality control of production processes. Nearly all monitoring and measuring tasks can be automated by means of industrial image processing. Show movie

We are going to show you what your logistics system can do.

We invite you to experience a completely new type of control technology – in an entertaining short story. A clear and straightforward presentation will show you why the ARATEC is the best positioning solution on the market: For STACKER CRANE applicationsFor BRIDGE CRANE applications

ARATEC – Challenges inspire performance.

PSI Technics' ARATEC Positioning Solution System is an innovative and advanced solution for industrial positioning applications. Show movie

FLP6000AOC – Advanced Oscillation Control

The ARATEC's FLP6000AOC software reduces mast oscillations – even of highly dynamic stacker cranes – to a minimum. The test setup shows that the ARATEC Positioning Solution System with enabled FLP6000AOC compensates for mast oscillations in near-real time, even when the oscillations are caused by external disturbances.


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